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Nutriment ZINCOL (Zinc Oxide Suspension Concentrate) contains Zinc 39.5%

Zinc Oxide Suspension Concentrate is a new generation micronutrient product for foliar application. It is widely accepted by the farming communities due to its superior efficacy and nutrient composition. ZINCOL to maintain or correct zinc level in plants.


  • ZINCOL-39.5% helps in chlorophyll synthesis.
  • ZINCOL-39.5% activate enzymes that are responsible for the synthesis of nitrogen and certain proteins.
  • ZINCOL-39.5% is used in the formation of some carbohydrates and supports the formation of auxins, which helps in growth regulation and stem elongation.
  • ZINCOL-39.5% acts as a stimulator in young tissues reproduction.
  • ZINCOL-39.5% is particularly useful during rooting, leading to the formation of a dense and rich root system.

Method of Application:

Foliar spray: Dissolve 1-1.5ml of Nutriment ZINCOL in 200 liters of water and spray on boththe surfaces of leaves per acre

Drip Irrigation:1-2 L per acre.

Packing Available: 100ml, 250ml, 500ml & 1L