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Numicin 4G

Numicin-4G , a Humic acid coated granules. Humic acid is a complex organic molecule that is formed by the breakdown of organic matter. Chemical fertilizer actually destroy the beneficial effects of the micro-organisms, Application of humic acid have several benefits. Farmers all over the India are accepting humic acid as an integral part of their bio fertilizers programme. Nutriment Numicin-4G is rich in primary nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic complex, macromolecules with amino acids, sugars and aliphatic compounds.

Benefits of Nutriment Numicin 4G:

  • Numicin-4G makes soil more workable.
  • Numicin-4G increases aeration of soil.
  • Numicin-4G increases water holding capacity.
  • Numicin-4G reduces soil erosion.
  • Numicin-4G improves seed bed.
  • Numicin-4G increases buffering properties of soil.
  • Numicin-4G chelates metal ions under alkaline conditions.
  • Numicin-4G rich in both organic and mineral substances essential to plant growth.
  • Numicin-4G retains water soluble inorganic fertilizer in the root zones and releases them to plants when needed.
  • Numicin-4G process extremely high ion exchange capacities.
  • Numicin-4G promotes the conversion of a number of elements into forms available to plants.
  • Numicin-4G stimulates plant enzymes.
  • Recommendation:

    Apply 5kg per acre at the time of sowing or transplantation. Second application should be done between 20 to 25 days after first application.

    Packing Available: 5kg

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