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Composition: Seaweed Extract, Humic Acid and their derivatives.

Nutriment SAMUDRAA is highly condensed concentration of Seaweed and Humic Acid. It improves soil structure, in turn helping white root development. In addition, it helps nourishment to soil assisting in sustained growth of soil microbes which enhances nutrient content of soil. Nutriment SAMUDRAA supports the standing crops well in stress conditions.


  • SAMUDRAA reduces nutrient loss.
  • SAMUDRAA improves nutrient uptake by the root system.
  • SAMUDRAA promotes root development.
  • SAMUDRAA improves the soil structure

Crops: All crops

Method of applications and dosage:

Soil application: Apply 5kg of Nutriment SAMUDRAA per acre at the time of sowing/transplantation.

Packing available: 4kg