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Nutrical-N (Calcium Nitrate)

Composition: Nitrogen 13% and Potash (K2O) 45%

Nutriment NUTRICAL-N is a water-soluble fertilizer with Calcium and Nitrogen content, it is the only source of water soluble calcium. Apart from being an essential nutrient, it is also used to control certain plant diseases. It is readily soluble in water and is best for drip irrigation and foliar application of fertilizer.


  • NUTRICAL-N is a very pure, fully water soluble fertilizer for the nutrition of agricultural crops with readily available nitrogen and calcium.
  • NUTRICAL-N is the only water soluble source of calcium for plants, works both as a fertilizer and for disease control, suitable for foliar application and fertigation as well as hydroponic systems.
  • NUTRICAL-N is compatible with other fertilizers and plant protection products.
  • Calcium has limited mobility in the plant, supplying Calcium throughout the growth season using NUTRICAL-N helps in proper development.
  • NUTRICAL-N improves bud formation, fruit setting and strengthens plant cell wall, leading to better fruit quality, increased shelf life, pest and disease resistance.
  • NUTRICAL-N contains nitrogen in nitrate form, which improves the uptake of calcium and other cations (e.g. Mg2+ and K+) from soil by the plant.
  • NUTRICAL-N free of chloride, popularly known for an ameliorating effect under saline growing conditions, combating the negative effects of Na+ and Cl- .
  • NUTRICAL-N used for controlling disorders such as blossom end rot of tomato, pepper, melon, squash; cork spot and bitter pit in apples, internal tip burn in cabbage, hollow heart of brassicas, and black heart of celery.
  • NUTRICAL-N enhances quality and shelf life of the produce.

Crops: All crops

Method of application:

Foliar Application: 4-5 g/L of water

Fertigation: 2-3 kg/acre

Packing available: 25kg