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NPK 13:40:13

Composition: Nitrogen 13%, Phosphorus (P2O5) 40% and Potash (K2O) 13%

NPK 13:40:13 contains nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potash (K) in 100 % soluble form needed at different growth stages specially for healthy vegetative growth stage and flowering & fruiting stage of plants. It contains totally water soluble fertilizer suitable for both foliar application and drip irrigation.


  • NPK 13:40:13contains all major nutrients are available in a single product.
  • NPK 13:40:13 promotes crop growth by stimulating new root development.
  • NPK 13:40:13 useful at early flowering, early fruit formation and fruit development stages, where the requirement of crops for P is more along with less of N and K.
  • NPK 13:40:13 favours rooting, blooming and fruiting.
  • NPK 13:40:13 reduces fruit drop, increases fruit setting and increases yield and quality of the produce.


Crops: All crops

Dosage: Foliar application: 4-5 g/L of water

Fertigation: 2-3 kg/acre