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Content:Amino Acid, Humic Acid and their derivatives.

Nutriment ASTRA is a concentrated biostimulant formulation contains amino acid and humic acid in balanced form. It improves soil structure, prevents water and nutrient losses and regulates soil pH. It promotes conversion of nutrient elements into available form to the plants, resulting in higher root growth, better absorption of nutrients.


  • Plant growth: Involves in photosynthesis and cell division, helps in flower initiation and early fruiting apart from stopping flower drop. It also improves keeping quality. It is ideal product to resist from adverse conditions.
  • Nutrient uptake: It promotes uptake of macro and micro nutrients.
  • Stress tolerance: Reduces stress related problems such as high temperature and low humidity.

Crops: All crops

Method of application:

Soil application: Apply 5-8kgs of Nutriment ASTRA per acre at the time of sowing/transplanting.

Packing available: 5kg & 50kg