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Manganese EDTA (Technical)

Nutriment MANGANESE-EDTA is a micronutrient fertilizer containing Manganese12% in EDTA form.

Nutriment MANGANESE-EDTA is chelated with Manganese and enriched with primary nutrients. It is used as a fertilizer to overcome Manganese (Mn) deficiency symptoms in the plants for their growth and development. Nutriment MANGANESE-EDTA applicable as foliar application in trickle irrigation, Manganese EDTA provides healthy growth to plant and maximum yield to crops.

Functions / benefits in plants:

  • MANGANESE-EDTA enhances the photosynthetic efficiency and dry matter production.
  • MANGANESE-EDTA provides resistance to biotic stress by increasing plant resistance to various diseases, thereby reducing the need for fungicides.
  • MANGANESE-EDTA contributes to abiotic stress tolerance, particularly drought and heat.

Method of application:

Foliar spray: Dissolve 100g of Nutriment MANGANESE-EDTA in 200 Liters of water and spray on both the surfaces of leaves for one acre.

Note: “Avoid spraying during strong sunlight, MANGANESE-EDTA is sensitive to sunlight exposure.”

Packing available: 100g & 250g