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Nutriment PROVOGUE contains a mixture of chelated and non chelated micronutrients. EDTA chelated with Zinc, Iron, Manganese, Copper and Magnesium. On the other hand Boron and Molybdenum are non chelated micronutrients. It is using as a fertilizer to overcome of micro nutrients deficiency symptoms in plants. From this point of nutrients deficiency the company has developed a product “PROVOGUE”.

Functions / benefits in plants:

  • PROVOGUE needed for the production of important plant hormones, like auxin. It is involvement for cell division, growth and production of outer coat of grains (husks).
  • PROVOGUE assists in biological process and cell growth in plants. Iron is a component of enzymes, essential for chlorophyll synthesis, photosynthesis the process whereby plants use sunlight for growth.
  • PROVOGUE plays an important role in photosynthesis, chloroplast production, a cofactor in many plant reactions and activates enzymes.
  • PROVOGUE stimulates enzymes required for photosynthesis.
  • PROVOGUE plays key role in photosynthesis, cell division, synthesis of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and vitamins.
  • PROVOGUE enhances flowering blooms and develops uniform ripening process and it is essential in sugar transport, Cell division, and amino acid production.
  • PROVOGUE is crucial for the growth of leaves and prevention of diseases in plants and it is involved in nitrogen metabolism, essential in nitrogen fixation by legumes.


Nutriment PROVOGUE recommended for all crops for foliar application as well as soil application from the time of vegetative stage to fruit development stage. Avoid spray during strong sun light because EDTA is very sensitive to high temperature.

Method of application:

Foliar application: Dissolve 250g of Nutriment PROVOGUE in 250 liters of water and spray on both the surfaces of the leaves for one acre.

Packing available: 250g

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