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Composition: Seaweed Extract and their derivatives.

Nutriment NATURE a natural product derived from seaweed extract containing high quality organic matter.


  • NATURE larger root mass, stronger plant growth and higher survival rate.
  • NATURE acts as a soil conditioner and retains moisture for longer time.
  • NATURE increases uptake of inorganic constituents from the soil, reduces storage losses of fruits.
  • NATURE increases germination percentage.
  • NATURE improves resistance to frost and diseases.
  • NATURE boosts crop yield.

Crops: Cotton, Soya, Chilly, Sugarcane, Banana, Potato, Wheat, Grams, Mutter, Paddy, Onion, Field crops, Vegetables and Floriculture (Flower gardens), Fruit crops and Turf grass etc.

Method of applications:

Foliar spray: Dissolve 2.5-3ml per liter of water.

Packing availability: 100ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1 litre

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