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Nutriment ‘SPLENDOR’ formulated with Primary, Secondary and Micronutrients. Each element has plays a specific role in plant growth and development for the success of crop target. These proper blended mineral elements are recommended for horticultural crops such as vegetables, flowers, fruits and plantation crops and field crops such as cereals, pulses and oil seeds for their proper growth and development. It has been formulated by using various state specific formulations as notified by the various State Governments.


  • SPLENDOR acts as a component of many enzymes associated with energy transfer, lignin formation, nitrogen fixation and reduction.
  • SPLENDOR activates several metabolic reactions and strongly involvement in photosynthesis.
  • SPLENDOR is an important constituent of amino acids, enzymes, coenzymes and vitamins.
  • SPLENDOR supportsthe structural and functional integrity of plant cell membranes.
  • SPLENDOR plays a pivotal role in germination, root development, fruit setting, grain filling, seed viability, plant vigor and health

Recommended crops: Vegetables, Flowers, Fruits, Plantation crops, Cereals, Pulses and Oil seeds

Method of Application:

Soil application: Apply 10kg of Nutriment SPLENDOR per acre at the time of sowing or transplantation.

Packing available: 5kg & 10kg

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