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Content: Amino Acid and their derivatives.

Nutriment ‘TUVAR” is a multi-functional liquid formulation. It contains optimum proportion of cereal protein hydrolyzate derived from vegetative source.


  • TUVAR provides nutrients for healthy growth of Tuvar (Pigeon peas or Toor) crop.
  • TUVAR stimulates blooming, fruit setting, overall growth and development of Tuvar.
  • TUVAR prevents premature dropping of flowers and fruits. It increases yield and overall quality of the produce.

Crops: Red gram/Tuvar/Pigeon pea

Method of application:

Foliar application: Dissolve 500ml of Nutriment TUVAR in 200 liters of water and spray on both the surfaces of leaves per acre.

Packing available: 250ml, 500ml, 1L & 5L