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NUTRIZINC [Zinc Sulphate Mono-hydrate (ZnSO4.H2O)] contains Zinc 33% and Sulphur16%.

Zinc is the most important micronutrient both from the point of availability and deficiency in Indian soil condition.

Zinc is a component of various enzymes that are responsible for driving many metabolic reactions in crops. Growth and development would stop if specific enzymes were not present in plant tissue. Carbohydrate, protein and chlorophyll formation is significantly reduced in zinc deficient plants. There are vast areas highly dependent on zinc application to get better yield. Therefore, a constant and continuous supply of zinc is needed for optimum growth and maximum yield. Zinc deficiency in India: Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Punjab, Bihar, Haryana and relatively less extensive in Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.


NUTRIZINC helps to release maximum nutrition and accelerates photosynthesis in plants.

NUTRIZINC increases tolerance to abiotic stress, such as drought and extreme temperatures.

NUTRIZINC influences better development of root, shoot and flower initiation.

NUTRIZINC helps in grain filling and results in better crop yield.

Methods of application:

Soil Application:Mix 4-6kgs granular / powder form of Nutriment NUTRIZINC with sand or urea and broadcast for one acre at the time of sowing/transplantation

Packing available: 4 kg

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