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Composition: Amino Acid, Humic Acid and their derivatives

Nutriment ASMAN is a bio-stimulant which contains growth substances derived from Amino Acid and Humic Acid substances in granular form, which helps in uniform growth of plants with substantial increase in crop output.


  • ASMAN promotes development of chlorophyll, sugar and amino acids in plants and supports photosynthesis.
  • ASMAN stimulates growth and proliferation of desirable micro organisms in soil.
  • ASMAN increases germination and viability of seeds.
  • ASMAN stimulates plant growth by accelerating cell division, enhances the rate of formation of roots systems, which results in higher crop yield.
  • ASMAN enhances plants resistance against pest and diseases.

Crops: All crops

Method of applications and dosage:

Soil application: Apply 8kg of Nutriment ASMAN per acre at the time of sowing/transplanting

Packing available: 8kg & 16kg