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BORON ( Boron 10.5%)

Nutriment BORON [(Sodium Tetraborate (Na2B4O7.10H2O)] contains Boron 10.5%.

BORON is only non-metal among the micronutrients and is an essential trace element required for the physiological functioning of higher plants. BORON is involved in the structural and functional integrity of the cell wall and membranes, ion fluxes (H+, K+, PO43−, Rb+, Ca2+) across the membranes, cell division and elongation, nitrogen and carbohydrate metabolism, sugar transport, cyto-skeletal proteins, enzymes, nucleic acid, indole acetic acid (IAA), polyamines, ascorbic acid, and phenol metabolism and transport.

Boron deficiency can be mitigated by inorganic fertilizer supplementation, but the deleterious impact of frequent fertilizer application disrupts soil fertility and creates environmental pollution. This deficiency showed results in empty pollen grains, poor pollen viability and reduced number of flowers per plant.

The availability of Boron in soil is very less/little in the regions of North Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Karnataka, Uttarakhand, Gujarat, Haryana and West Bengal states in India. Considering this, company has developed Nutriment Boron

Method of Application: :

  • BORON involves in cell wall and membrane structural integration, ion fluxes across the membrane, plasma lemma bound enzymes and cell division and elongation.
  • BORON helps in K+ transport towards leaf stomata, opening and closing of stomata, chlorophyll content and photosynthesis.
  • BORON induces phenolic and nitrogen metabolism, nucleic acid and IAA metabolism, plant respiration and sugar transport.
  • BORON supports lateral root development, root hair formation, nitrogen fixation and ion uptake.
  • BORON increases flower production, anther formation, pollen germination and pollen tube growth.
  • BORON involves in seed setting, fruit quality and self life and plant productivity.

For Soil Application: Apply 4kg Nutriment BORON per acre at the time of sowing/ transplantation

For Foliar Spray: Dissolve 500-750gms of Nutriment BORON in 200 liters of water and spray on both the surface of leaves uniformly. Spray once in 20 days for better result

Packing Available: 500g, 4kg & 25kg

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