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Nutriment ZINC PLUS contains Zinc 12% and inert material

Zinc is an essential plant nutrient required for several biochemical processes, chlorophyll production and membrane integrity. Zinc deficiency causes the tissue between the veins changes to yellow color while the veins remains green this phenomenon is known as chlorosis and leads to delayed plant growth with withered leaves resulting in bare twigs due to early foliage loss.

Fertilizer application should be aimed at not just to get increased production but to get maximum possible production from a unit land area with the least amount of fertilizer applied. This concept is called ‘efficient use of fertilizers’. In this point of view the company has developed a product "ZINC PLUS".


  • ZINC PLUS readily enters into roots due to its specific chemical nature.
  • ZINC PLUS accelerates photosynthesis in plants.
  • ZINC PLUS imparts greater resistance to abiotic stress conditions, pest and diseases.
  • ZINC PLUS is highly efficient and available to support plant growth, and correct zinc deficiency in all crops resulting in higher yields.

Method of application:

Soil application: Apply 10kg Nutriment ZINC PLUS for one acre as a basal dose or top dressing.

Packing available: 250gm & 500gm

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