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NANDI (Non-edible De-oiled Cake)

Nutriment NANDI contains Organic Carbon 23%, Nitrogen 1.5%, Phosphorus 0.2% and Potassium 0.5%

Non-edible de-oiled cake is an organic fertilizer obtained as residue after oil extraction (by expeller and/or through solvent extraction) from crushed seeds of non-edible oilseeds (such as castor, neem) for use in soil as fertilizer.


  • NANDI improves soil texture and structure, resulting in better absorption and adsorption of nutrients.
  • NANDI increases soil aeration and fine tilth, ensuring optimal growth during all stages of plant growth.
  • NANDI provides proportionate blend of Macro and Micro nutrients that leads to a higher quality of produce.

Crops: Cereals, Millets, Pulses, Oilseeds, Fibre Crops, Sugar Crops, Forage Crops, Plantation crops, Vegetables, Fruits, Spices, Flowers, Medicinal crops, Aromatic Crops, Orchards and Ornamentals.

Method of application:

Soil application: Apply 250-1000kgs of Nutriment NANDI at the time of sowing /transplanting per acre.

Packing available: 50kg