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Content: Amino Acid, highly concentrated Humic Acid and their derivatives.

Nutriment NUMICIN 4G is a properly balanced combination of concentrated Humic acid and Amino Acid substances along with naturally occurring nutrients in granular form.


  • NUMICIN 4G increases rate of photosynthesis and partitioning of assimilates.
  • NUMICIN 4G enhances yield along with quality of produce.
  • NUMICIN 4G increases number of active roots.
  • NUMICIN 4G improves soil biological health.
  • NUMICIN 4G ensures effective utilization of nutrients absorbed by the plants.

Crops: All crops

Method of application:

Soil application: Apply 5-8kgs of Nutriment NUMICIN 4G per acre at the time of sowing/transplanting.

Packing available: 5kg, 30kg & 50kg

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