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Nutriment MAGNESIUM (Magnesium Sulphate) contains Magnesium 9.5% and Sulphur 12%.

MAGNESIUM is essential for plant growth and photosynthetic reaction. Photosynthesis takes place in chlorophyll, the green pigment in plants, and magnesium is the central atom of the chlorophyll molecule.

MAGNESIUM plays a key role in activating enzymes involved in respiration, photosynthesis and nucleic acid synthesis. It aids in phosphate metabolism, serving as a carrier of phosphate compounds through the plant. Magnesium facilitates translocation of energy molecules, such as sugars and starches and enhances the production of vitamins, oils and fats.

Magnesium deficiency in plants occurs in older leaves shows interveinal chlorosis, (dark green veins with yellow areas between them). These yellowed or chlorotic leaves develop spotted areas of dead tissue and the leaf edges curl. Since magnesium is mobile in the plant, the lower or older leaves are always affected first.


  • MAGNESIUM influences the crop greener.
  • MAGNESIUM involves in nitrogen fixation in legumes, oil formation in plants.
  • MAGNESIUM improves nitrogen and phosphorous uptake by crops.
  • MAGNESIUM helps in better seed germination and new crop branches formation
  • MAGNESIUM making plants grow bushier, producing more flowers

Method of Application:

For soil application: Apply 10kg of Nutriment MAGNESIUM per acre at the time of sowing / transplantation.

For Foliar Spray: Dissolve 1kg Nutriment MAGNESIUM (Partially chelated) in 400 liters of water and spray on both surfaces of the leaves per acre.

Packing Available: 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg & 50kg

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