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Nutriment SAMPOORNA contains Organic Carbon 14%, Nitrogen 0.5%, Phosphorus 0.5% and Potassium 0.5%

Continuous and indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers has changed the soil structure and texture leading to problems like salinity and alkalinity. Hence, it is absolutely essential to maintain carbon, nitrogen ratio in the soil for efficient utilization of NPK. Nutriment SAMPOORNA is a completely organic fertilizer containing organic carbon, primary nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients required for crop growth. SAMPOORNA improves the nitrogen level in the soil and availability of phosphorus to the plant. It is recommended for all field crops, Vegetables and horticultural crops.


  • SAMPOORNA improves water holding capacity of soil.
  • SAMPOORNA improves soil structure and texture.
  • SAMPOORNA prevents alkalinity and salinity of soil.
  • SAMPOORNA helps in better seed germination.
  • SAMPOORNA enhances nutrients transfer.
  • SAMPOORNA reduces dependency on chemical fertilizers.
  • SAMPOORNA promotes healthy growth of plants and increases soil fertility and productivity.
  • SAMPOORNA is a safe and eco-friendly product.

Crops: All crops

Method of application:

Field crops: Apply 80-100 kg of Nutriment SAMPOORNA per acre at the time of sowing/transplanting.

Horticultural crops: Apply 100-250g of Nutriment SAMPOORNA per plant.

Packing available: 40kg