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Nutriment NAKSHATRA is a combination of Calcium, magnesium and sulphur minerals enriched with other elements in granular form.


  • NAKSHATRA contains balanced ratio of CALCIUM, MAGNESIUM and SULPHUR
    Calcium helps in growth of plant, roots and leaves. It reduces plant stress and gives protection from diseases and pests. It also strengthen roots, plant growth and increases production.
    Magnesium completely wipes out yellowness of crop leaves (interveinal chlorosis). It maintains leaves green and increase the quality and yield of crops.
    Sulphur helps plant for easy uptake of phosphorus from soil. It is essential for the production of amino acids, which are the building block of proteins found in all living things.
  • NAKSHATRA helps in desalination of soil.
  • NAKSHATRA neutralizes the soil from acidic/alkaline nature there by maintains soil pH.
  • NAKSHATRA increases better penetration of roots and better growth.
  • NAKSHATRA helps in retaining moisture in soil and hence decreases the water requirement.

Method of application:

Soil application: Apply at the time of sowing /transplanting.

Crops:Field, Vegetable crops and Commercial Crops

Dosage:100 kg/acre, 150-200 kgs/acre, 2-3 kgs/plant (Coconut),0.5 kg/plant (Arecanut)

Packing available: 50kg