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Nutriment FERTISULF contains Sulphur 90% (powder).

Sulphur is being recognized as fourth major essential element for plant growth and nourishment. Sulphur deficiency is a widespread practical problem in every part of Indian sub-continent and it plays a key role in nitrogen metabolism, protein, oil, vitamin synthesis and involvement in chlorophyll formation. Deficiency of Sulphur first appears on younger leaves becoming light green or pale yellow in color, stunted growth, delayed maturity in crops.


  • FERTISULF involved photosynthetic activity in plants.
  • FERTISULF triggers nitrogen uptake from soil and also it maintains soil pH, thereby improving nutrient uptake of other elements.
  • FERTISULF increases oil percentage in oil seed crops.
  • FERTISULF helps in uniform crop maturity in cereal and fruit crops.
  • FERTISULF enhances pungency of chilly, garlic and onion.
  • FERTISULF increases crop yield and improves quality of the produce.

Method of Application:

soil application: Mix 2-3kgs of Nutriment FERTISULF with sand or urea and broadcast for one acre.

Packing Available: 3 Kg, 25kg & 40kg

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