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VAJRA (Potash Derived from Molasses)

Composition: Potassium 14.5%

VAJRA (Potassium Derived from Molasses) is potash rich fertilizer derived from molasses which is alternative to the existing potash fertilizers available at a much more economical rate. This fertilizer plays a major role in both the vegetative growth phase of plants as well as in the productive phase. These nutrients are suitable for all types of crops.


  • VAJRA is a unique biological combination of Potash Rich Organic Manure optimizes the nutrient utilization by the plant for better crop growth and improvement of soil fertility.
  • VAJRA improves physical structure of the soil, by increasing soil organic level, soil aeration, water holding capacity, prevents physical compaction of soil etc.
  • VAJRA increase the resistance in plant against diseases
  • It helps in increasing plant growth, increases number of flowers and timely maturity of crop.
  • It improves the shining, flavor, proper size of the crop.

Crops: Paddy, sugarcane, maize, wheat, cotton, potato, vegetables, mango, banana, guava, tea, coffee, all types of pulses and oilseeds etc.


Soil application Apply 50-100kgs of Nutriment VAJRA per acre at the time of sowing/transplanting.

Packing available: 50kg