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PROGRESS (Foliar Spray) / PROMINENT (Soil Application) (Potassium Schoenite)

Composition: Potash 23% and Magnesium 11%

Functions/benefits in plants:

  • PROMINENT/PROGRESS supplies Potassium and Magnesium in a readily absorbable form to plants.
  • PROMINENT/PROGRESS improves root development, boosts irrigation efficiency and nutrients absorption by plants.
  • PROMINENT/PROGRESS is used in trickle irrigation systems.
  • PROMINENT/PROGRESS is compatible with common plant protection chemicals and micronutrients.

Crops: Horticultural crops, Commercial crops and Field crops.

Methods of application:

Soil application: Apply 5kg of Nutriment PROMINENT/PROGRESS per acre.

Foliar spray: Dissolve 1kg of Nutriment PROMINENT/PROGRESS in 200 liter of water and spray on both the surface of leaves per acre.

Packing available: PROGRESS 1kg & PROMINENT 5kg

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